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Bill Roberts is an instrument-rated private pilot and videographer. His popular "How To Effectively Buy A Used Airplane" DVD is highly acclaimed and his AnywhereMapTM basic training videos have helped thousands of pilots world-wide.

Introducing Advanced XP For Anywhere Map

Now, Advanced XP takes Anywhere Map basic training to the next level.  This 62-minute DVD is designed so that you can follow along with your own system.  Preview (requires Windows Media Viewer - 7MB)

You will learn how to further enhance flight safety, proficiency and economy by mastering Anywhere Map's advanced features.  It contains the scenarios most often requested by Anywhere Map users, in particular:


  • DME Arcs At Your Fingertips

  • Easily Making Destination Change Decisions Based On Wx Info

  • Enroute Clearance Changes Made Easy

  • Finding Cheap Fuel

  • GPS Approaches

  • How Echo Tops Make The Difference

  • How To Add STARs and related VNAV Info Into An Existing Flight Plan

  • How To Really Use Cones Of Safety & Emergency Mode

  • Leveraging The Virtual ILS

  • Navigating In & Around Controlled Airspace With Anywhere Map

  • Staying Safe With Taxi Express

  • The Value of the RMI In Airport/Waypoint Orientation

  • Weather Avoidance Tools and Techniques


Advanced XP - Training DVD

Price: $49.00 $29.95 Plus S&H



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