Many Arkansas residents have turf or gravel airstrips on their property and warmly welcome backcountry fliers with a smile and gracious hospitality.


Arkansas Backcountry DVD

  Middle America has an abundance of backcountry flying opportunties. And the Ozark Mountains boast some of America's finest scenery. Join backcountry pilots Todd and Jo Peterson as they explore untapped, yet easily accessible back country strips in Northern Arkansas. 

"I haven't yet written a guide for flying the Arkansas backcountry, but after seeing this video I am tempted to go explore this magnificent state. If you are looking for a new backcountry flying adventure, I highly recommend this DVD. It is an excellent video from the same producer as the popular Idaho and Utah backcountry videos based on my flight guides."

~   Galen Hanselman

Come share in this adventurers for a weekend of incredible beauty and fun in the Ozarks and discover ...

                            Arkansas Backcountry

Bill Roberts is an instrument-rated private pilot and videographer. His popular
"How To Effectively Buy A Used Airplane" DVD is highly acclaimed and his AnywhereMapTM basic training videos have helped thousands of pilots world-wide.

Arkansas Backcountry   DVD
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