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Backcountry Idaho

Backcountry Idaho provides both entertainment and a cockpit view of the approaches and departures listed in my book, "Fly Idaho."

While the videography is spectacular, this DVD is also filled with helpful and interesting comments for both pilots and passengers. I particularly like it because unlike many current aviation DVDs that show things you probably shouldn't do in an airplane, this video shows you things you should do.

Follow along as Todd Peterson makes level-headed decisions before tackling these spectacular and unforgiving airstrips. "Backcountry Idaho" is well produced and an excellent complement to my book. I highly recommend it.

- Galen L. Hanselman

My love affair with Idaho’s backcountry airstrips has been nurtured and developed during the past 40 years, always providing a constant challenge of one’s skills and judgment.

If you want to see a part of the country that stole my heart, join Todd Peterson in his King Katmai on departure from Mile Hi airstrip to explore 11 Idaho backcountry strips.

My only disappointment with this excellent video is that, with the amazing capabilities of the King Katmai, I expected to see Todd land crosswise on the strips rather than along their length.

Backcountry Idaho allows you to encounter many of my favorite strips and experience the challenge and majesty of backcountry flight. I loved it!

- Sparky Imeson


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