Visit some of the best backcountry airstrips of the American West. Discover ancient Anasazi cliff dwellings or squeeze through a thousand-foot-deep canyon in search of incredible beauty and the next runway challenge.

Take a journey with expert pilot Todd Peterson as he explores some of the remote and beautiful country featured in Galen Hanselman's "Fly Utah" pilot's guide. Fly the actual approaches and departures of these spectacular backcountry airstrips with Todd at the controls of his King Katmai.Review

Fasten your shoulder harness and enjoy the exhilaration and adventure of backcountry flying at its finest with ...

Utah Outback

Bill Roberts is an instrument-rated private pilot and videographer. His popular "How To Effectively Buy A Used Airplane" DVD is highly acclaimed and his AnywhereMapTM basic training videos have helped thousands of pilots world-wide.

Utah Outback DVD
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